When Should I Mulch in Spring?

mulch in spring

Do you know when to start mulching?

The chill of winter is in the air and ice is coating windshields every morning, but those who love the outdoors are already planning for the warmth and new growth of spring! Figuring out when to mulch in spring can be difficult, especially in states like Maryland that have frost and chilly mornings well into the spring. Here are some easy tips for determining when you should mulch in spring.

When Should You Purchase Mulch?

Mulch doesn’t last forever, so it is best to buy it as you need it. When you purchase new mulch, plan on it lasting for less than one year. If you purchase pinestraw mulch, depending on moisture levels in your area, it might need to be replaced a couple times over the course of the year. Spring is the perfect time to purchase new mulch and prepare your plants for the summer ahead.

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

First things first, determine the last time that you put a fresh layer of mulch down on your landscaping? If there is still mulch on your landscaping, spruce up everything with a 1-1 ½ inch layer. If spots are completely bare, you might need to use up to 3 inches of mulch. If you have a new landscape bed in need of mulch, you need to use a significant amount to insulate plants and make the initial moisture/heat barrier. In this scenario, use up to 4 inches of mulch to get the job done.

When Should I Put Down Mulch in Spring?

The mulch in your yard works to protect your plants and garden from any heat stress, and help with conserving moisture. Put down the appropriate amount of mulch once weather has started to warm up during the day, as this will insulate your plants over the cool nights.

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