6 Ways to Care for Your Trees this Spring

how to care for your tree this spring

The right tree care can lead to breathtaking blooms in the spring.

Spring is here and along with all of the beautiful flowers and grasses popping up in your yard, your trees need a little extra attention too! Here are 6 of the best ways to care for your trees this spring and keep them in great condition.

Clean Up Your Yard and Trees

First things first, get rid of any extra debris or things that are attached to trees in your yards. Are there any Christmas lights that got left behind? Are there tree wraps still lingering even though winter is over? A thorough tidy will get your yard looking great again.

Add Some Mulch

A nice layer of mulch will help care for your trees by giving them some extra moisture and preventing any weed growth around their bases. Younger trees need the most mulch around the base, but even older trees can benefit from a fresh layer.

Water Away

Once your soil is thawed, start to water your trees. If there are any trees in your yard where de-icing salts or materials were used, give them some extra water to counteract the drying of the salts.

Regular Pruning

The best time to care for your trees with pruning is during winter dormancy or the very start of spring. Remove any broken, dead, or damaged branches before spring and summer rainstorms head through.

Do an Inspection

Take a walk around your yard and see if anything is damaged, diseased, or broken. Make a habit of doing this inspection once a season to make sure that nothing is wrong with any of your trees. This is especially important before spring and summer, when harsh rains can cause branches and limbs to fall.

Check for Pests and Diseases

Call the experts at Pinehurst Landscape Company to examine your trees for any signs of pests or diseases.

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