Everything You Need for a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

perfect outdoor kitchen

The right combination of features can give you the perfect outdoor kitchen.

If you have been considering an outdoor kitchen of your own but aren’t sure where to start, Pinehurst Landscape Company can help. With so many options in design and materials out there, it can seem overwhelming. Below you will find some ideas to get you inspired so you can get started on creating a perfect outdoor kitchen of your own.

Something Old, Something New

If you are passionate about pizza, why not consider a pizza oven? A freestanding pizza oven can be made of stone to have old world charm, or of any material you like. A stucco and stone island bring the old world kitchen charm to the outdoors in a very modern way. Don’t be afraid of mixing materials to make the perfect outdoor kitchen for you and your loved ones a reality.

Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stand Out

The sky is the limit when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. From pizza ovens to gas grills, rotisseries, smoker boxes, and more, you can have a truly multifunctional outdoor kitchen. Utilizing concrete can make a perfect outdoor kitchen truly all weather. Consider building a pergola above your outdoor kitchen to provide some shade without blocking the breeze.

Do Your Research

While knowing what features you want is key, there are some things to consider before getting started on any project. Know your local zoning laws, as these can restrict the size and location of an outdoor kitchen. Fire laws also dictate clearance requirements between combustible surfaces and grill flames. Safety is key to keeping your perfect outdoor kitchen fun and beautiful.

Enjoy The View

If you are building your outdoor kitchen specifically to enjoy the beautiful view of your property, take this into consideration. If you build some sort of pergola or shaded structure above your perfect outdoor kitchen, make sure it will not trap the smoke from your grill and make your sitting area unpleasant during outdoor entertaining. It is important to take practical and functional concerns like this into consideration.

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