Tree Transplanting

One frustrating aspect of landscape design is the time it takes for trees to mature to their final state. If your design includes areas for shade, for example, you may not want to wait years for your trees to reach their final size. Because most nurseries are unable to provide mature trees and the equipment to install them, it is not uncommon to have to wait years or even decades for your landscape design to come into its full potential. At Pinehurst, however, we have both the equipment and the large shade trees in our tree nursery to create an uncompromised landscape. Whether you need to relocate an existing ornamental tree on your property or establish a new, mature shade tree, our machines can accomplish tasks others simply cannot do by hand. With over 5 decades of experience providing tree transplanting services throughout Maryland, we have the experience, plant material, and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

The Pinehurst Tree Transplanting Difference

When you decide to upgrade your landscape, you may not want to wait decades for your trees to mature. Many nurseries can only offer trees that are roughly 14’-16’ in height, which do not always provide the visual impact or shade cover that you may want. In our tree nursery, however, we grow large specimen trees that we allow to reach great heights before installation. We are able to install large specimen and shade trees that can exceed 25’ in height, allowing your landscape to leave a lasting impression as soon as installation is complete. Our largest tree spade is 84” wide which allows us to move and install large and well-established ornamental trees which will immediately transform the look and feel of your backyard landscape.

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Before installation ever begins, we encourage you to schedule a visit to our tree nursery. During your visit, you will be able to see all of the trees that we provide in their mature state so you can understand how they will look in your yard, and you can even hand-select the exact tree you want installed. At Pinehurst Landscaping, we are committed to customer satisfaction so we strive to ensure full customer satisfaction.

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By installing mature trees, your landscape design will immediately feel coherent, cohesive, and finished. Rather than waiting years or even decades for your design to reach its full potential, large tree installation offers immediate gratification and a fully functional property as soon as installation is complete.

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