Outdoor Living

One of the greatest benefits of a comprehensive landscape design is that you can create outdoor living spaces that can greatly increase the amount of usable space outside of your home. From outdoor kitchens to pergolas, patios, and more, outdoor living features can encourage you to spend more time outside and more fully enjoy your yard. Integrating hardscapes into a master design expands existing living spaces out-of-doors.

At Pinehurst, our skilled masonry contractors are capable of crafting beautiful outdoor living spaces using a variety of materials including natural materials sourced locally as well as brick, concrete, and engineered stone. For over 50 years, we have been providing high-quality stone masonry services to clients throughout Maryland, from Annapolis to Reisterstown and everywhere in between.

Patio Installation

Kirkpatrick FireplaceWhen most people think about outdoor living, patios are what most commonly come to mind. A patio can provide a beautiful area for entertaining and acts almost like an outdoor living room. Your patio will be designed and customized to integrate perfectly with your landscape design and will enhance the look of both your home and your yard. To add coziness and intimacy to your patio, we can also install fireplaces and fire pits which are perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing around. For expert patio installation, Pinehurst has the skills and experience you can trust.

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Quality Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

If you have ever been stuck inside on a beautiful summer’s evening preparing dinner and thought, “I wish I could be enjoying this gorgeous weather right now,” an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect solution. More than simply a grill on the patio, an outdoor kitchen can be outfitted with many details —such as appliances and outdoor lighting  — that will make outdoor cooking a breeze. Whether you desire a mini refrigerator and double sink or a simple cooktop, we can design and install an outdoor kitchen that extends the usability of your yard and gives you the opportunity to spend more time in the fresh air.

Garden Architecture

IMG_0010Retaining walls provide a focal point that can delineate different areas of your yard and provide definition and structure. Whether you choose natural stone or engineered materials for your stone wall, Pinehurst has the decades of experience as a retaining wall installer to create a structure that is equal parts functional and beautiful. Our stone wall installers have extensive experience with masonry to ensure they produce high-quality products that are designed to last for years to come.

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