Looking Forward to Beautiful Fall Plants

fall plants

The brilliant colors found in nature during the fall are simply stunning.

The kids are back in school, and pretty soon all the coffee shops will be flavoring everything with pumpkin spice. As we move into autumn, we also look forward to the beautiful fall colors that nature shows off every year. To make sure that your property gets to take part in the show, make sure you have a few of these fall plants incorporated into your landscaping.


It’s officially chrysanthemum season! Everywhere you look, homeowners are utilizing colorful chrysanthemums in their landscaping, planters, and anywhere they can. Chrysanthemums are one of the most traditional fall plants because they are hardy and covered in brilliant blooms in every fall color imaginable. Make sure you get your chrysanthemums now so that they can provide you with lush blooms all autumn.

Japanese Maple

The delicate japanese maple adds depth and flair all year round. However, the leaves of the japanese maple look especially stunning during the fall. Depending on the type of japanese maple you have, the leaves can turn to shades of anything from a pleasant yellow, rustic orange, or deep red. The beautiful leaves on these delicate trees make them a simply enchanting feature of any landscape, especially in the fall.


To plan ahead for the winter months, make sure that you have plenty of evergreens incorporated into your landscape. Of course, you don’t want a landscape that consists of evergreens alone; evergreens simply provide the structure of many landscape designs while the homeowner is free to fill the gaps creatively with beautiful seasonal blooms that catch the eye. Have a foundational structure of evergreens is a smart idea because when everything dies back in the winter, you’ll still have evergreens to add a touch of color. You can also consider berry plants, such as holly, to add some bright red accents and seasonal cheer when the holidays hit.

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