How to Create an Environmentally-Friendly Landscape

environmentally-friendly landscape

Planting a diverse mix of vegetation creates a natural, healthy balance.

Recent events have left many people with an increased awareness of our collective impact on the environment. People are starting to look into sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives from everything to food to personal care products to even housing on a larger scale. Did you know, however, that there are a number of tricks and tips which can help make your landscape design more environmentally-friendly? To learn more about a truly green landscape that aligns not only with your tastes but with your ideals, read on.  

Incorporate Native Plants Into Your Landscape Design

You can find lists of native plants through your local government environmental agency or through your local horticultural association. While you should not rule out all exotic plants entirely, going at least partially local has a number of environmentally-friendly benefits. Plants that are already well established in your community and surroundings will help to cross-support soil biology and insect and animal life. You will also know that these plants are already suited to your environment, which will help them flourish.

Diverse Landscaping Is Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping

While it is important to utilize native plants heavily in your landscaping, it is far more important to use more than one type of native plant. In fact, choosing only one or two types of plants and covering your grounds with them will not create a healthy natural balance. Plant diversity is what creates stability within the environment as a whole, and this does not stop at your landscaping. Diversity will create a sustainable landscape with year round colorful and vibrant plants that can live to their healthiest and most beautiful potential.

Incorporate Bee And Butterfly Habitats Into Your Landscaping

Bees and Butterflies are major pollinators which play a critical role in the life cycle of plants. These important insects are also struggling to survive at the moment. Making your landscaping bee and butterfly friendly can play a large role in helping to maintain their communities, which affects creatures along the entire food chain.

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