4 Nighttime Landscape Liabilities You Can Fix

nighttime landscape liabilities

A well-lit landscape takes care of several nighttime landscape liabilities.

When you get home or visit a business late at night, the last thing you are thinking about is slowly and carefully walking to your destination! Many people are rushing to the door to get out of the cold, carrying smart devices and not paying attention, or carrying tons of boxes and bags and not able to properly see. Luckily, there’s something you can do! Here are four of the biggest nighttime landscape liabilities and easy ways to fix them.

Dead Trees or Tree Limbs

Trees are a concern for apartments, homes, and even businesses. The last thing most people are doing during the night is looking up at the trees, so make sure that any trees surrounding your property are in good condition. Falling limbs or damaged branches are a huge nighttime landscape liability. To prevent any damages or injuries, make sure that you regularly schedule tree care from the experts at Pinehurst Landscape Company.

A Blocked View

Just like when you are driving, if things are blocking your sightline you will not be able to drive comfortably and safely. Take a walk around your property and see if there are any overgrown bushes that block an important view. Blocked sightlines are a huge nighttime landscape liability, and they are easy to fix with regular pruning and monitoring the situation.

Damaged Walkways

If your sidewalk, driveway, or a path surrounding your property gets a lot of use but not a lot of maintenance, it can turn into a huge nighttime liability! If there are pits, dents, or missing portions, all it takes is one misplaced step to cause a huge spill. If you or your visitors are distracted, they will not necessarily realize a curb isn’t stable and end up on the ground. This is another easy fix with help from a professional landscaping company like Pinehurst Landscaping Company.

Snow and Ice

Especially during the winter months, snow and ice are a huge (perhaps the biggest) nighttime landscaping liability. Snow and ice cause slip and fall accidents during the day, so imagine how tricky it is to avoid them during the night! Make sure that you have a snow and ice management plan in place before the winter starts to avoid any nasty accidents on your property.

Pinehurst Landscape Company Can Fix Your Landscape Liabilities

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